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Working from home: Palm Beach County’s real estate market takes advantage

Alicia Gold, a real estate agent with Compass, has found herself a niche in the South Florida real estate market. A former New York-area real estate agent, she moved in 2011 to South Florida where she resumed her real estate career. She kept in close contact with friends in the greater New York area, singing the praises of South Florida.

“I knew a lot of them wanted to move here. It was just a matter of when,” said Gold, who resides at Seven Bridges, another GL family development just north of Boca Bridges.

“The ability to work remotely made all the difference in the world for these people,” she noted. Since the outbreak of the virus, she has sold 14 homes at Boca Bridges and two at Lotus, another GL Homes family development on Lyons Road south of the Bridges.

Gold’s clients include Lindsay Schwager and Drew Schulte of Nassau County in Long Island. Drew is an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law, a practice that will allow him to work remotely. They expect to relocate to South Florida in early 2022. Their 6,912-square-foot, five-bedroom Boca Bridges home is currently under construction.

They will see some familiar faces at Boca Bridges. Lindsay Schwager said two women she has known since high school also will be moving with their families to Boca Bridges. “We all signed contracts within a week of each other,” said Schwager. Gold was the agent for all of them.

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